Wherever people come together to create or organize, decisions will need to be made by the group. We offer a secure platform for organizations, companies, clubs and NGO’s to implement direct or delegative democracy for fast, engaged, and transparent decision making.

Introducing FluidForum, a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize decision-making for organizations, clubs, unions, companies, and any group with a common purpose. FluidForum harnesses the power of liquid democracy to provide unparalleled flexibility, delegation, and a swift, fair representation of the voters. Our platform not only facilitates informed voting, but also encourages comprehensive discussions on each issue. Users can participate in debates, rate comments, and contribute their unique insights, ensuring that every decision is well-considered and backed by the collective intelligence of the group. Experience the future of collaborative decision-making with FluidForum and make your organization more efficient, adaptive, and democratic.

Liquid democracy; giving everyone a voice

Liquid democracy, also known as delegative democracy, is an innovative approach to decision-making that combines traditional representative democracy with elements of direct democracy. This system provides a flexible and adaptable decision-making process that perfectly aligns with the needs of modern organizations and businesses.

Representative Democracy

Each voter selects a representative that votes for them on all issues for a fixed period.​ This is how most democratic governments and organizations work today.

Representative Democracy model

Direct Democracy

Each voter votes on each issue. This requires every member of a group to be involved in each decision. Although theoretically the best representation, it requires a lot of time and expertise of each voter. ​

Direct Democracy model

Liquid Democracy

Each voter can vote on each issue themselves, or select any other voter as a representative to vote for them for any period of time.​​ As such it can work like a normal representative democracy, it can work like a direct democracy, and anything in between.

Liquid Democracy model

Vote yourself, or give your vote to someone else?

One of the main advantages of liquid democracy is the ability to delegate voting rights. Instead of choosing just one fixed representative, participants can delegate their voting rights to a trusted person with more knowledge or expertise in a certain area. This leads to better-informed decision-making and enables quick responses to changing circumstances.

Engagement and transparency for everyone

Moreover, liquid democracy promotes greater involvement and participation. The flexible nature of the system allows participants to actively engage in the decision-making process and express their opinions on various topics. This leads to more transparency and accountability within organizations and businesses, resulting in better decisions and greater satisfaction for all involved.

Fast and flexible decision-making

Liquid democracy can also help improve efficiency and reduce bureaucratic obstacles. By decentralizing power and bringing decision-making closer to the grassroots level, organizations and businesses can more quickly respond to new challenges and opportunities. This can lead to higher productivity and better long-term results.

In conclusion, liquid democracy offers a promising alternative to traditional decision-making models. By promoting flexibility, engagement, and efficiency, this system can help organizations and businesses better navigate the complex and rapidly changing world of today.

How does our platform work?

Post an issue

Issues are put up on FluidForum for a period of discussion and, after that, voting.

Open discourse

All users can discuss the issue to be voted. Users can up-vote others’ posts.

Voting period

All users can vote on the issue, or they can delegate their vote to any other user.

Vote result

After the discussion and voting period, votes are finalized and counted.

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